Reinventing tipping for the 21st century

Cashless, quick and remote tipping platform to send money direct to workers you wish to thank. No fee to receive your money and no delay. Say thanks, better.

Send a tip

Connecting workers & customers.
Simple, direct, remote


Send people straight to your profile with QR codes that can be applied to any item.


No QR code? No problem.
All anyone needs to tip you is to search for your ID number.


Add your tip, leave feedback and you're done. Cash tips stright to their account.

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The power of Thanks, doing Global good

We want to make change, so we made it part of our product. Every transaction made via URocked, means we donate a portion of the fee to charity partners, working across the UK, and soon the world, to alleviate poverty and hunger. Making your thank you, big change.

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Making tipping work for you. Boost earning & positivity


Say thanks to anyone who's done a great job. Be reassured that 100% of the tip, securely goes to the person intended, via our contactless system.

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Collect, manage and record your own tips, with no charge. Use your unique code to connect with people, even if your job isn't customer-facing.

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Remove the headache of tipping admin and empower your staff to collect their own tips. Encourage them to always do the best job they can.

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