Business registration:


Thank you for visiting via @IEatMyWages for your URocked Business Registration.

We welcome businesses to join our platform as we create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. While you can benefit from our services, by joining URocked's community from the start we intend to give you space to feedback on how we can evolve our app; having your input and user experiences will make it the best possible product for your market.

In promoting the use of URocked, not only to your staff but as part of your public persona, you will be seen by customers as a fairer employer and an ethical choice. In time we hope that any business using URocked will be seen as a sign of a happier and fairer workplace.

Benefits include:

  • Supporting employees and morale boosting

  • Tip sharing management options

  • Minimised admin for teams or individuals can run - one less job for you!

  • Tip money no longer going through your system to trigger extra reporting.


    We will send you our launch information in due course.

    If you have any queries please contact us at [email protected]