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Raising the bar for great service
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One code,
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Your QR code and ID number are unique to you and for life, use them across multiple roles.

Secure and

Customers will know that no money will be kept by business owners and tips are controlled solely by the staff.

Team Tips to suit your setup

If a customer you work for uses our group tip scheme, you can join Team Tips. Everyone gets a share of the team total based on hours worked.

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Front of house or behind the scenes, no one misses out!

There's no job more face-to-face than hospitality. Bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels - where it's all about creating a great experience. Feeling great shouldn't stop at the customer, which is why URocked want your work to be rewarded with more tips.

URocked is a service for tipping in a cashless world, connecting you and your audience with a transparent and trustworthy way to send and receive tips. Add your dedicated QR code to menus or ID cards and never miss a chance to be seen and get tipped.

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Making tipping work for you.
21st Century hospitality.

1 code for life

Every URocked user gets a dedicated code for life. Use it across any job you have or any group you're in - simple.

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Scan and tip

Your QR code or ID number gets people to your tip page, they don't have to be a member to use it either. One scan and they're ready to send you a tip.

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100% for you

You receive 100% of the tip. All fees are covered by the sender, making sure you never lose out.

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They scan, you takeaway,
a better way to be tipped

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That's it, you're set up and now able to start receiving tips!

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