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Giving or getting a tip, isn’t just for bars and restaurants, it’s for saying thank you. To anyone who’s done a good job. When URocked saw businesses going more and more cashless, we saw a time for a change. As jobs become more varied, people working more than one role at a time – there’s more people to thank, there just wasn’t a reliable way to do it – until now.

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When you get great service, you feel good, therefore Tipping is about feeling good, too. We don’t want the process to get in the way of that feeling – but it has to be safe, clear and quick to do. And that’s the app we built:

  • Secure: our platform uses the same payment technologies as most banks.
  • Transparent: No fee to download the app, and any transactions fees are calculated before you send your tip, none of which are sent to the person you’re tipping.
  • Simple: With your account set up, tipping with URocked is faster than finding loose change.

And if that didn’t feel good enough, 20p from every transaction, (not the tip!) goes to a national hunger relief charity. So, your tips work twice as hard to improve someone’s day.

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You might be someone who’s unfairly missed out on tips in the past; or someone who works in an industry where no one ever gives gratuities – URocked is here to help you:

  • Boost your earnings: We understand tips can make all the difference, especially in the difficult economic times. This is why any kind of worker can use URocked any money given freely as a tip.
  • Take control: Don’t wait on other people’s admin, all tips come directly to your account and create a record of not just money, but feedback on your service – great for CV building and showing your skills.
  • All in one place: You only need one account that can be used for multiple jobs.
  • Promote yourself: Add your ID number or QR Code to receipts, stickers, bills, cards, anything! Giving your customers a flexible way to tip, even if you’ve not met in person.
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Empower your staff to collect their own tips, increase morale and customer service all by removing the extra work of handling tips. Doing less is now the key to getting more from your staff.

  • Lose the admin: Tipping can be an administrative headache. As URocked creates a clear audit trail for each person, you no longer have to record their shares to reimburse them.
  • Be Visibly Ethical: Being openly in support of URocked will build a community of ethical employers, meaning customers will see businesses that put their staff in the spotlight, rather than collect on their behalf.
  • Champion your staff: Permitting self-management of tips puts your team first, puts them in charge and promotes positivity. We are all for helping create positive workplaces where people are happy to be.
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