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Urocked Modernising tipping

You’d like to tip someone using URocked, great! When you scan their QR Code with your camera phone it will take you to that person’s profile on the URocked App. Or they might give you their ID number, search that through the app and you’ll get to their profile. Add how much you’d like to tip them, and any feedback you’d like to add and press send.

They will then be notified that you’ve tipped them straight into their account. Done!

If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, don’t worry, our website payment portal does exactly the same thing. You can enter your card detail and send your tip from there.

You can if you prefer, but the reason URocked came about was to ensure tips went to right people as the more we go cashless, the easier it is for people to miss out on tips as an earning opportunity.

There have been cases of businesses retaining tips paid by card and not distributing them to staff, as only tips paid in cash are the property of the tipped worker. This leaves tips paid on card at the discretion of the employer to share them, or not. We want to address this by letting tipped workers advocate for themselves.

There’s also the added headache for employers where, additional earnings going through their accounts triggers tax and reporting obligations, and depending on their setup, this can be difficult to handle. And if they have to pay tax and admin fees to share them out, the tipped worker doesn’t get the full tip at the end. Allowing staff to manage their own, alleviates that.

You have more power as customer now, and this is why our service exists. Service charge in hospitality is automatically added to your bill. It's not a tip. In some restaurants workers won't see a penny of it and we think that’s unfair. It’s often used to cover breakages and no-shows, but it can be used for all sorts of things, none of which have to be as it was intended – for service. But you have a choice - you don't have to pay it. If you ask for it to be taken off, you can tip with URocked (or cash) instead.

As long as cash is accepted, you’re free to tip, or get tips in cash – go for it! URocked is here for all the situations where cash isn’t taken or you might not have change on you.

URocked can use Apple pay, Google pay, or your debit or credit card. See more about our security here.

You can only use URocked to receive or send money that is a tip. A tip is money given to someone - it’s not a way to pay for a purchase or service.

Because it’s a thanks rather than a payment, that means there’s loads of way URocked can be used and by lots of different people. You may have tipped bar and restaurant staff before, but now we can consider new circumstances – as long as someone has a URocked account they could be tipped.

For example, buskers and other street performers could now use URocked instead of collecting cash – its safer not to have cash on you in public and they can also promote themselves online too using the same code.

100% goes to the tipped worker, so for example, if a customer wanted to tip £5, they would be charged £5.49, this covers our charity donation and handling costs including on-boarding and merchant service cost. The option is not given to deduct those costs from the tips.

Not to send tips, you can use our Web app - but in the long run you might find it simpler. Having a web app that means if you’d like to tip and see if Urocked works for you then head there. The web app won’t hold your card details, however, if you think Urocked is for you then by getting the app you can set it up with all your details to make tipping super-fast and simple.

To receive tips you will need an account to create an profile, ID number and QR Code where tips can be sent to. Again, you don’t have to have the app – but it will mean you’ll have to log in or wait for email alerts to know if you’ve been sent a tip.

Benefits and work use

Increase your earnings – if you provide a service and want to be thanked, there’s every chance there’s a tip in it for you. A lot of people believe in tipping great work, and as we get more cashless, URocked is there to bridge the gap.

Never miss an opportunity – Whether your job is customer facing or behind the scenes, there’s always a way to tell someone about your role in providing a service. URocked means you don’t have to be present, add your code or ID number to paperwork or any customer touchpoint and let them see you!

Connect more with customers – Use your URocked code or ID number on feedback forms, social media, receipts or bills and give them a way to tell you how well you’ve done. If you’re happy to add your Instagram, why not your URocked?

Create a portfolio of feedback – We want to be more than about money, URocked can also be a great way to build your CV. For every tip you get a record of money sent and, if they’ve left a comment, some feedback too.

Improve record keeping – Tips mean tax, it’s not much fun, but it can be a lot simpler by using URocked. Every tip is recorded creates a dated record of your income making any tax returns you need to fill are already up to date for you.

As a tipping customer, you get complete reassurance that 100% of the tip you’re giving goes to the intended person. Not the business, not lost in admin fees, and no more awkward conversations about it.

Giving more by giving back – We are here to make a positive difference. So every time you tip, we donate to a hunger relief charity. Read more here.

We want to expand tipping opportunities to people who could be tipped workers – but want a safer or cash-free option, like Buskers for example, or those who have not been viewed as a tippable worker before, like warehouse workers, delivery people, call centre people.

In most countries yes. Tips are optional and given freely to you, over and above the job you’ve been paid to do. We would always suggest that you check with an advisor where you work that this is so, however in the UK where we began, this was the case.

However, as with all earnings over a certain amount, there will be tax to pay, and this will include tips as part of your income.

No, just one account can be used for all jobs you might have.

Tipping is about good morale, so yes, we would advise you talk to your employer about using URocked as they might have a system in place, which URocked could help to update, or if they don’t, then they may be looking for a way to let their staff manage their own tips. Administration behind tip distribution can be a difficult task for employers and this could really help everyone who works there. If you work as part of a team and you have Tronc in place, this will be an important conversation to have – one we’d always recommend you have with your team as well as your employers.

Show them the app, or this website, or if they’d like a conversation over their specific arrangement, please get in touch.

If you have a Tronc system in place or are happy managing tip distribution via EPOS, then we may not be for you. Or you might have decided to go cashless and this is stopping your staff collecting tips.

However, you might find the burden of managing tips is work you could do without and you would rather not handle the tax and reporting obligations that are triggered by tips paid by card.

In which case, allowing your staff to use URocked will take that admin away completely. As your staff become responsible for their own tips, they know that their quality of work will reflect directly on their extra income, which we hope, can only mean great customer service and a morale boot knowing that you trust them to advocate for themselves.

Yes you will be able to and this way we hope to be able to provide a great alternativre to running it as a Tronc. Our Tip Pooling option will mean that your business will be able to create a pool and add URocked members to split the tips you collect as a team across everyone. We are building functionality so that you can enter your team members’ hours across a week or month, showing the shifts they worked so they get the split of tips that reflects the hours they worked – so everyone gets their fair share.

Because we act as an agent for collecting the tip money, rather than it going through a business or employer, the recipients are still responsible for any tax and reporting they must do as individuals. Essentially the members are the merchants and the tips, though digitally collected, will be treated cash – direct to them.

We are able to do this because as we get our FCA accreditation and our Merchant Bank service, we will be able to hold money for distribution. URocked chose to make themselves fully compliant to be able to provide this, even though it makes us liable for that responsibility. We believe in creating a service that is all provided in-house, not one that uses third parties to process monies, it keeps it smpler for you as users, and fees are lower for everyone.

The tipped worker (end user) has authorised URocked as an agent to facilitate a payment between individuals, and in doing so tips are received directly by the individual. This money then legally belongs to the tipped worker and so the responsibility to report those earnings lies with them.

Any income not paid via an employer, means the tipped worker is legally obliged and responsible for filing their own tax return. It is not for an agent (URocked), or anyone else (an employer) to ensure that they do. The same situation is found with other types of financial agents, for example, eBay.

What we can do by using URocked, is create that audit trail for every user so they can remain accountable for this additional earning stream and provide HMRC links and advice via our main site. We want to build in tax calculators and the ability to create report direct from individual’s profiles as the app expands as part of a duty of care to this end.

Setting yourself up

When you create your account there will be a code and number assigned to you, you’ll be able to save the code to your phone or download it to print it on things for customers to see.

Anywhere you think is right for you! Codes can be made into stickers, added to windows, ID Cards, signage, invoices, badges, all sorts – this one is down to you knowing where your customers are best likely to see something. We know adding something visual isn’t always possible though, in which case, you can always write your ID number down – a business card or a takeout coffee for example – or tell someone over the phone. See our media kit for ideas.

Financial health

URocked is currently undergoing FCA authorisation as an ‘authorised payment institution’ (API) for ‘acquiring payment transactions’. As a result, we already have to have KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedures in place.

We wish to set a market standard by ensuring we are fully regulated, which is why we believe FCA compliance is necessary. Our FCA application is being processed, which will enable us to service other regulated industries, for example, charities. We are not relying on Stripe or another facilitator to hold those credentials for us.

Profiles and security

They will get a notification through the app, or via an email connected to their phone, should they wish to receive them. You don’t have to leave feedback if you don’t want to – but if someone really went out of their way, it can be great for their CV if you mention what they did. They will not have any other access to your personal details other than a transaction code to show the tip was sent.

If you have a profile to receive tips you can add a picture of yourself or your business logo and your name, even a short bio – but this is totally up to you if you’d like to do that, you might prefer to remain anonymous other than to confirm your ID number.

A customer will not have access to your private information. Any information required to create a membership will be secure on our database as part of the sign-up process.

Our database is security protected and encrypted, as part of our compliance we have to ensure total security for the information our members provide, to the same standards as any other financial institutions.

That’s easily fixed, please go to the “forgot my Password” link and follow the instructions.

Get involved with URocked

Yes, please see our investors portal, or if you’ve already invested but would like an update – please log in via there.

We love feedback! Please leave any comments here in our form, we are always happy to look into ways to make URocked work better for you.